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$7.95 mo. (460 Plan)
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$12.95 mo. (411 Plan)
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$18.95 mo. (595 Plan)
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If you live in California and are looking for an alternative to dental insurance, look no more. California dental plans and alternatives to dental insurance have never been more affordable than with this dental plan.   This is NOT a discount dental plan.  There are 2000+ dentists in California on these plans and 200+ covered dental procedures.

With California dental plans starting at $7.95 monthly (460 Plan) for a single, $11.95 monthly for a couple and $16.95 monthly for an entire family, dental care is now affordable for everyone in California.

Plan 411 is excellent for those who need to save on procedures that typically cost more, such as root canals and crowns. A single is $12.95 monthly, a couple is $19.95 while an entire family is only $29.95 monthly.

Looking for the most comprehensive dental plan that even covers Cosmetic Dentistry? Plan 595 starts at $18.95 monthly for a single, $28.95 for a couple and $39.95 for an entire family. This comprehensive dental plan covers whitenings, bleachings, tooth colored fillings and more.

All plans feature cleanings every 6 months, full mouth Xrays every two years and bite-wing Xrays every year at no cost. The 460 Plan is a basic yet comprehensive plan excellent for maintaining good oral health and includes Orthodontic coverage while the 595 plan offers greater savings and Cosmetic Dental Coverage while providing incredible savings on Orthodontic Dental Coverage. 


Important: You can enroll online (No SS# Required) up until the last day of the month to be effective on the first of the following month.  If mailing in hard copy, it needs to be received by the 20th.

Upon enrolling in this dental plan online, you will immediately receive a confirmation number. You will then be mailed a policy and an ID Card.  If enrolling by mail, mail forms to: CalDentalPlan.com 3337 W. Florida Ave #234 Hemet Ca. 92545

If you have Medi-Cal and lost your dental benefits in California, this is an excellent replacement. 

Call with any questions you may have at 1-800-664-5433.


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