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Three of the more popular types of dental plans are the PPO, Dental HMO (DHMO) and Discount Plans.  This plan is a DHMO and in the opinion of many, the best value. Whether you are looking for dental insurance, a dental insurance alternative like the DHMO or a dental discount plan. The difference between this type of plan and a Dental Discount plan is this: A DHMO has negotiated rates with participating dentists and those dentists have agreed with the company to perform the services for.  You know the price of a Root Canal or Filling before going in. Although you should always clarify rates with the dental office BEFORE you have the procedure.

Compare this with a Dental Discount Plan which is exactly what it is. You may see ads that say, Save 50% on Cleanings, 40% off Root Canal, etc.  But 50% and 40% off of WHAT PRICE? What is the starting price? This could fluctuate depending on the office you go to as each office charges different rates for that Root Canal, Filling or Cleaning

Now......the other type of plan is a Dental PPO, or DPPO.  Most dentists accept this type of plan. With this type of plan there are normally waiting periods up to 6 months for basic things like cleanings. They also have an annual cap of what they will pay towards your care that can be as low as $1,000. These type of plans are pretty expensive with rates for a single person from $30 - $40 monthly.  By the time the waiting period is over, you have paid for that "free" cleaning a few times.


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